Pantastic is Sunderland's Community Steel Pan Band. We are currently a 23 strong group of mixed ages and physical abilities. We play a variety of music from traditional Caribbean calypso to 50's rock 'n' roll right through to modern pop music. The band has a long and prestigious history winning awards, entertaining royalty and putting the sun into community and corporate events for over 16 years! Though we have been through many changes in that time, Pantastic is still going strong, performing more songs year on year, pushing ourselves and audiences' expectations. We are based in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear but travel across Northern England and beyond to perform.

Pepe (and Pantastic) at the Marathon of the North

Did he run in the Marathon – nope – far too energetic for him –  but the wind did blow him off his Pan!   Last year we had a very sunny day but this year where did the Arctic winds come from in April? Frozen fingers and toes were the order of the day for Pantastic with even sleeping bags and blankets not keeping out the cold. We have to feel sorry for the Marathon and 10K participants  braving the freezing temperatures to run or walk, many of them raising funds for numerous worthy charities.  How brave they were.  Well done to them all!  Personal triumphs and funds raised plus a Pantastically musical background for the start and for many at the finish too.  Interspersed with a dance troupe who helped with a much needed warm up routine and entertainment.  We are sure we sounded good but as the gale blew the music away we couldn’t hear ourselves!!   Added to the mental shopping list for the future are truly-outdoors jackets, fleece blankets,  hand-warmers and Thermos flasks!  Wonder if anyone out there has got any going spare.  Here’s hoping the Summer arrives soon and we won’t need them.

Thanks for the invitation to play and we hope we are invited back next year (fingers crossed for better weather too).

PS We have to say a well done to Pantastic members Joanne and Lynne who completed a zip-wire ride from the Wearmouth Bridge to Panns Bank raising funds for GCCP, so brave but what fun!






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22nd December
Pantastic At Home

Grindon Church Community Project
Great music and a pie & peas supper
Just £5 entry and food
Contact us for tickets